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Why does the Shibafriend Metaverse Pet Game Use NFT Blockchain Technology?

Why use NFTs?

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology in NFT gaming allows player items to be securely and uniquely identified using the magic of blockchain technology. Consequently, game items can now be traded securely anywhere, within and without the game’s ecosystem, without doubts of their ownership and legitimacy.

If you have ever played the Path of Exile RPG game, think of the Crafting Bench in the game. You place your armor or weapon on the crafting bench, and then, after pressing the Craft button, the game will create a new item for you based on your selection, the armor’s stats, and whatever magical gem you added in there. That done, you can then sell this item within the ecology of the game.

If you try to trade your game items or digital assets in an external 3rd party marketplace, all sorts of questions like trust, legitimacy of the item, etc., will need to be sorted out first before any transaction can take place.

With NFTs, all sorts of metadata of the items will already be coded into the items and stored on the blockchain, and this creates an absolute trust of its uniqueness, which in turn, will only make it easier to create a free market economy for the game. We all know that when you have an economy that is running well, you make money, and if people make money, more and more people will join in, and as such, the game economy will only grow and grow.

NFTs will have value independent of their developer

As long as the game items are desired by the owners/players, these items will have a growing value because their value will be set by the market demand, not by the developers as developers don’t own the items, gamers do.

That is why, with NFT gaming, players can own the game items long after a game has been abandoned because its decentralized nature allows a game’s assets to be traded at other crypto marketplaces and game platforms. As long as other developers are willing to continue the game’s development, there will still be value in the game’s items. As many gamers have noticed, old games can come back to life, like the original Half-Life being remade by the community rather than by its developer years after the developer has stopped updating it.

NFT Gaming is the Future of Gaming

There are open NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Mintable, and Rarible where you can also easily sell your in-game assets outside the game developer’s site.

NFT gaming is a real threat to traditional gaming because its very nature empowers gamers and allows them to make money from gaming. Soon, all game companies would have to move to this model or risk losing their core customers — the gamers. And when that happens, the industry will be shaken and be made anew. So, embrace the future. Get in before others. Invest in NFT gaming.

Play Our Shibafriend NFT Game

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Many players, after they built up their characters, they want gameplay longevity with their characters, perhaps even wished that their characters can be used in a different game. The Shibafriend Metaverse consists of 10 different gameplay choices. Players who want extensive gameplay can bring their Shiba NFT Pet to 10 different games in the Shiba Metaverse.

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