GEMS & ShibaFriendNFT Crossover AMA


Let’s Welcome Andy Koh, CEO of GEMS!
Andy Please introduce your background to ShibafriendNFT community.

Hey my partner and my friend, thanks for hosting me today in your great community.

I been looking forward on business and personal level which I am a big fan of SHIBAFRIEND too.

My name is Andy. I’m the co-founder of @thegemsgg, which is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem. It propels Esports into 3.0 by integrating Gamefi, Metaverse and Socialfi elements, and leverages on its founding partners’ chain of Esports hotels.

Absolutely. A little bit about myself, my background has always been in the Esports, IT and Hotel industry. I previously managed over large scale eco system project 4B USD across South East Asia and Australia.

My most recent involvement is a Esports Lifestyle Eco-System platform.

WOW! ESports veteran!

Today AMA flow:

1/4: 5x introduction
2/4: 3x Twitter community questions
3/4: 2x Live AMAquestions
4/4: 5x Live quiz on GEMS knowledge.

Let’s start the 1st Question:
Could you please give us a brief introduction, What is GEMS?
Currently GameFi projects owns 51% of the entire blockchain market hence there is a need for create awareness using ESPORTS and build ESPORTS in GAMEFI world.

So how do we do that?

GEMS will working with many GAMEFI projects to be hosted on our platform and allow casual players, gamers, team, managers, company, sponsors, fans, influencers, streamers, broadcasters including predictor to be able to monetize through GEMS as a 1-stop gaming destination.

Just think of us as the Digital Supermarket For All Your Gamers Need but instead of spending money. We have many ways for you to monetize instead. Let me share the examples.

@THEGEMSGG Platform Build on ESPORT 3.0 Concept


Let me share something valuable only for your group today.

A Page To Find, Play and Monetize For All Play 2 Earn Games

Fantastic! Share more secrets!
For you I promise I share more as you are a great CEO of SHIBAFRIEND.

Wow 51% of entire blockchain market is GameFi!
There are 3Billion mobile gamers and only a small % of the gamers are in Gamefi. Imagine more and more mobile gamers come into GameFi, the Gamefi, Metaverse and Esports industry will explode!

Yes remember 10 years ago when ESPORTS started. There was only few games and look at now ESPORTS PLATFORM is everywhere.

Question 2: As what has stated on the logo: “GEMS, Esports 3.0” What is the vision behind this?
First we have to understand what is ESPORTS 3.0: ESPORTS 3.0 is BLOCKCHAIN + ESPORTS. Any why this combination? What are we solving?



Our final vision:

Esports 3.0: Blockchain + Esports! New learning today!
NFT rental is something new! Soon our community will be able to rent Shiba NFT Pets through GEMS’ platform!

Question 3: What do you think will be the primary drivers for people to join GEMS?
Yes, we want to provide multiple way to help great Gamefi partner like you to advertise more about Play 2 Earn Games so everyone can EARN money by playing games instead of SPEND money to play game.

Our focus on is GAMER and MILLIENIALS not only do we want to provide a platform for all Play 2 Earn Games but our GEMS token can be used in future to also exchange Esports PC, Gaming Gear etc. So is really a 1-stop shop for all gamers where playing, trading, investment and most important ESPORTS that bring all many ways of monetization.

So being able to ride with the current rave of Defi, Web 3.0, Sharing Economy, Transparency & Gaming From Home. GEMS bring you a digital platform with features for all GAMERS and MILLIENIALS to perform earning finance along with the movement of current tech movement.

We are the next ESPORTS 3.0 which is to disrupt the current ESPORTS world through sharing finance when a user within the ESPORTS 3.0 ECO system contribute something and receive incentives for his/her work.

Let me share a case study especially when the FANS are neglected in the traditional ESPORTS.


A platform for gamers to share to their fans! This is something not available in traditional esports!

Question 4: When will be the project launch of GEMS and what are the tokenomics?
We are currently working with several big marketing agencies and crypto talks to create more awareness about ESPORTS 3.0 and how GEMS the ESPORTS 3.0 product will bring benefit to:

1. Blockchain Gamers
2. Blockchain Companies
3. Blockchain Partners

We are aiming for the next BULL RUN so all investors of $GEMS can ride on the good time and win big together with us.

$GEMS Tokenomics



Our Shibafriend Communities will soon have lots of Fans following them in our metaverse! FanFi is what they can show their fun activities to their followers.

Question 5. What are the unique features of GEMS? What is Esports 3.0 and O2O?
$GEMS being a digital platform aggregator our unique features are out 4 main components by integrating GameFi, Metaverse and SocialFi within an O2O ecosystem and a social economy.

O2O: GEMS ecosystem leverages on the offline presence of Arena Esports Hotels, a JV by Arena Esports and LABS Group. So think of it when you have a good platform, what do you need? We all need USERS and the best way to drive adoption is through awareness and backed by local community outreach through each country in SEA. In this case we partner with someone who is also in the ESPORTS Scene and leverage on them to create awareness by organizing offline monthly events.

Also our partner ESPORTS hotel means we can help our GAMEFI’S partner like you to spread more awareness about PLAY 2 EARN GAMES.

Wow! Esports Hotel! We can camp there while playing Shiba Metaverse! with Shibafriend NFT Theme! Our Soft toy and T-Shirt merchandize can be place there for sales and collection?

Very beautiful E-sports Hotel!

We can include our metaverse in game rewards to include stay in Esports Hotel. 🐶
Oh yes definitely

Now we will have 3 Question from Twitter.

Twitter Question #1 from @ShanturyT
GEMSgg offering solutions to GameFi matters, such as GEMS NFT Rental, DeFi Union, FanFi Studio, DAO Guild, P2E Arena. Do GEMSgg team & current partnerships strong enough to handle this matters? Or any plan to make it better?

I appreciate this question since it allow me to really showcase my founder’s portfolio, backers profile, team history and key partners:

INVESTMENT: Over the past month, GEMS has successfully raised over 5M+ USDT and attracted top-notch VCs and blockchain investors to invest in our projects like GAINS Associates, Cabin VC, DEXT FORCE, AvStar Capital and many more others including LAUNCHPADS.

PARTNERS: On top of that, we have encountered over 40+ ecosystem partners including GameFi heavyweight players such as Shibafriend, Dreams Quest, Project Seed, FOTA, The Kill Box, Cross The Ages, Solchicks, and many more.

USER ACQUISTION: Not to mention, GEMS is currently working with our partners in Southeast Asia, to expand our ambitious ESPORTS hotel network in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia so that through our offline partners, we can do more real awareness leading to bigger esports tournament at SEA level.

LISTING: We will focus on next BULL RUN so that during this time we can do more marketing hype for our projects and I believe earlier on already mentioned those TOP TIER exchange we are negotiating with right now

LAUNCHPADS: We have 2 confirmed LAUNCHPADS however strategic partnering between us means we win together with products and user which is your 300K gamers + 100+ projects including our ESPORTS 3.0 PLATFORM. This is surely gonna be a very huge announcement for both side since this is not another single GAMEFI’S partnership.

COMMUNITY: In less than 30 days we have completed over 30 AMA with a total of over 500K users and another 30 or more AMA/panels to discuss and moderate potential and current partners through BINANCE LIVE, BGA and other TOP Gaming Communities.

MARKETING: We already currently finalizing working on final PRESS RELEASE letter with TOP TIER PR news agencies such as:

WE have successfully gather enough FUNDS, PARTNERS and FOUNDERS contact to made GEMS a ready product to be rolled out.

Impressive and within very short time achievement!
If there is any plan to made it better that will be us creating more marketing HYPE. Is like a story between MUSTANG and FERRARI. In this case we are a MUSTANG and ready to ride through the journey to gain more traction for our project.

Without you also we cannot achieve what we have.

MUSTANG at FULL SPEED! Let’s Race to the Moon together!
Let’s ride pal!

Twitter Question #2 from @pojaproti
How many lethal competitive advantages/features are there to keep the GEMS platform ahead of the competition? Can you name a few? And what are the plans to educate and increase community awareness and adoption so that more people can easily understand it?

GEMS is like combining 3 AMAZING STONE (BLOCKCHAIN + ESPORTS + TOURISM) into 1 and this is where GEMS re-write history in the 20th Century. You can almost hardly see such formations as our FOUNDER’S have over close to 100+ BLOCKCHAIN, TOURISM AND ESPORTS portfolio.

Over the next course of 30 days we will outreach another 1M cryto retail investors across 30 other Blockchain Companies.

GEMS Founder’s experience with so many successes! It is destined to deliver disruption to blockchain, Online Offline Esports industry! With outreach to so many communities from Blockchain Game and Blockchain Companies, Gems will reach the moon very very soon!

Twitter Question #3 from @Modonkumer
GEMS is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem. With Esports 3.0, what features and advantages will GEMS bring that traditional Esports does not have? How will players really experience GameFi and how can they profit through GEMS?

First we have to really understand the benefit of combining BLOCKCHAIN + ESPORTS.

ESPORTS 3.0 and Why?



So where is all the traditional esports money went into? They are a CENTRALIIZED FINANCIAL MODEL which is why ESPORTS 3.0 focus on DECENTRALIZED and throught this concept we are able to remove the MIDDLES and allow monetization to the players directly.

So we have to deal with the financial problems first of a traditional gamer? So how to do that? Answer is Play 2 Earn Games -> Esports -> Eco System → $$$

With smart contract, many of the process flow of E-sports is automated and control by smart contract. With Play 2 Earn, Gamers now are assure of income each time they plays in Gamefi, leading towards rewards from competition. We will see more people have their resume as “E-Sports Professional”.

We are going to open the Floor for 30 seconds to ask Question! Each question get answered will earn $10 BUSD! Ready?

Wow, that’s alot of question

Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?
I shouldn’t share this but for Alan as my business and personal associate. I will share early the design.




Wow. Very nice UI/UX! Easy to understand the pages.
Being the co-founder of GAME ONE: We been also building many ESPORTS ECO SYSTEM hence we truly understand what the market need and is all based on our experience as well. To show that we clearly understand you can see my interview with the TOPS ESPORTS TEAM IN VIETNAM as well. This tell a lot about our experience.

The players can enjoy meals while playing!

My question important Sir,
What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Top 3 Priority:
1. Number of GAMEFI Partners
2. Esports + Fantasy Predication Moduies
3. Academy


We are eager to try GEMS’ DEMO Launcher in Q2!

Now lets go for the Quiz section!

There will be 5 Quiz Ask. Answer correctly will get BUSD$10 each question. We will open the floor for 30 seconds for each question.

Quiz 1. How many major components does GEMS have ?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Who got the answer correct?
Quiz 1: Winner: Jaki
Answer: 4 major components

Congratulations Jaki

Quiz 2. Which chain will the project be launch to?

Quiz 2: Winner: L.A. Seb
Answer: BSC

Quiz 3. How many offline touchpoints do GEMS want to expand to?
A. 6–8
B. 20
C. 30
D. 50

Quiz 3: Winner Phong Dương
Answer: 50

Quiz 4: What is the first product that GEMS will be launching?
A. NFT Rental Portal
B. DeFi Union
C. P2E Arena
D. DAO Guild

Quiz 4: Winner: Limee
Answer: NFT Rental Portal

Quiz 5. What was the theme of the Binance live event that GEMS co-host?
A: #Metaverse: A Whole New World
B: Gamers! On Your Marks!

Haha! Extra answer C…


Quiz 5: Winner: Jaki
Answer: #Metaverse: A Whole New World

Congratulations to all winners!

Andy, please share your final thoughts and Shoutout!
I have 2 things to share because of your CEO OF SHIBAFRIEND and YOUR GREAT PROJECT AND COMMUNITY

Also, in order to thank the support of the Alan Yeap CEO OF SHIBAFRIEND community, we have prepared some perks for y’all which will be last for 3 hours only! Winners will be to get 100 USDT after finishing some tasks. Join after the AMA:

Small recap on the 24th FEB Binance Live event that’s co- host by me & Yuen with 10 partners!

🔥Blocklike Panel「#Metaverse: A Whole New World」
⏰Feb.24,10:00am UTC

▶️YouTube playback:
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📌Binance Live:
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It was such a pleasure meeting you all. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms and find out more about the project via the link below:

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@alanyeapshiba Thanks a lot pal and see u soon in Metaverse with SHIBA..Woof Woof!!!

Wow! Extra Rewards!

Bye all!!!

GEMS to the Moon!

Thank you Andy for taking your time to answer all our questions!




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