Announcement: Exciting events ahead for 2022!


We have some exciting news for you. Actually, we had wanted to wait until the very last minute, but, over here, we’re so excited about these upcoming events ourselves that we have decided to get ahead of ourselves and whisper gently to you …😁Event and expected date:

Shibafriend NFT Airdrop: 10th-31st Jan (already happening!)

INO (Initial NFT Offering — presales): Very soon, in Jan

NFT Arts Airdrop (Arts only, NOT for gameplay): Very soon, in Jan

Involved in a Binance Live event :

Date: 25th Jan
Time: 6 to 10 pm Hong Kong time (UTC+8)
Venue: Binance LIVE

Yuen WONG and Andy KOH
Founders, The GEMS Platform

1. Dreams Quest. Steve Good. CEO.
2. Project SEED, Liko Subakti, CEO
3. Immortal Game, Thomas Zaepffel, CEO.
4. The Kill Box, Don Zhu, CEO
5. Cross the ages, Sami Chlagou CEO
6. The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, Co-founder
7. Souni, Celine Nguyen, CMO
8., Zoie Z. , Head of BD
9. FOTA — Fight of the Ages, Duc Trinh (Grey). CEO
10. SolChicks, Lewis Grafton, COO
11. SkyArk, Kelvin Chua, CEO
12. Dogami, Bilal EL ALAMY, CTO
13. Mech Master/Icetea Labs, Ron Ngyuen, CMO
14. Gates of Ethernity, Sebastian Andres, CFO
15. ArcadeNetwork, Chinka , CEO
16. The Unfettered, Laura Cayuela, CMO
17. Shibafriend, Alan Yeap, CEO

Shibafriend NFT Game (release date): By 31st Jan, hopefully, fingers crossed.

Stay tuned! 😊

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