Date : 14 December

Time: 1 PM UTC

Venue : Crypto Maxxis

Speaker : Ha phuong



Q1 — First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when do you start? What is your role in Shiba Friend?

Phương liberty:

My name is Ha Phuong and I am the Female CEO of Shibafriend.

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

My name is Alan Yeap and I am the COO of Shibafriend.

Phương liberty:

I have been keeping pets as a hobby since I was young. Different types of pets like Shiba dogs, cats, fighting fishes etc. I am actively involved in the pets community.

I am also a serial entrepreneur where I operate an online eCommerce business, a travels business and a Korea Beauty Center.

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

I have been in the technology field for the past 20 years in IT, Server/Network, ios / android games app, blockchain, NFT. I was actively involved in mobile games & apps from 2012 to 2017, launching over a few hundred mini games into google play store.

Phương liberty:

We started the Shibafriend Pet Metaverse on Nov 8 this year when mobile gaming goes into NFT Play to earn model.

Q2 — We would like to get a brief intro about Shiba Friend.

Phương liberty:

Shibafriend is a Hyper Casual Game Leveraging the validated PLAY TO EARN model, by completing the task in the game. You can buy, sell, trade your NFT land, NFT house, adopt NFT Pets with other pet lovers. You can put your own logo, or allow others to advertise in your land and buildings. RENT your building to players to grow their pets and collect monthly rentals. Your pets can participate in weekly competition events to earn in-game “NO LOSS” prize pools token, and rare NFT drops.

Today, the majority of the games in the crypto space are fighting games, violent gaming, and competitive gaming. We want to design a family-oriented, FUN, entertaining gaming for casual people on the street, where their daily gameplay is candy crush, puzzles, adventure gaming. We want to bring other pets like poodles, Chihuahuas, bulldogs, Persian Cats, Siamese Cats into the crypto space!

Shibafriend = Shiba and friends together in the metaverse!

Q3 — Can you explain tokenomics for $SHF?

Phương liberty:

We allocate 33% or 3.3 billion of our tokens for players to earn (play to earn). Every time a token is transacted, there will be a 10% transaction fee. Of the 10% transaction fee, 5% will go to token holders, 4% to the liquidity pool & 1% to Charity for helping needy pets.

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

You can see our tokenomics over here.

Phương liberty:


Q4 — Can you give us info about the team & their background.

Phương liberty:

Ha Phuong CEO: Woman Entrepreneurs, Pet lovers.

Alan Yeap COO: Blockchain and game design experience.

Jay Koh CMO: 20 years in traditional marketing to digital marketing, with success in marketing few cryptoprojects.

Thanh Hai, Graphic Designer: 10 years of experience in Mobile Game Graphic Design & UI/UX.

Tuong Bui, Tech Lead: 10 years of experience in server, software database process and web development skills.

Taofeek Deji Oke, Content strategies: 4 years of experience in Content Marketing.

We have game developers and dApp developers in our team currently developing our game and dApp. Their profile will be on our website soon.

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

For More profile details:

Q5 — Can you please share the roadmap for Shiba Friend with us.

Phương liberty:

Shibafriend Metaverse road map consists of a main metaverse map, core pet game, and lots of mini-games for play to earn within our universe. We will release our first play-to-earn mini-game in Q1 2022. Q2 and Q3 will be more play-to-earn mini-games. And by Q4 next year, the whole metaverse will be integrated.

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

Let me go into details.

Part one: the land, internal and external pet house. You can focus on buying land, building, decorating and selling to other players. As the land availability is limited, you can build hotels and rent to players.

Part two is petting and taking care of your pets. You can dress up your pets, feed and grow your cats, and put up for other players to adopt your pets. There will be daily tasks, weekly tasks to complete to receive a token. If you did not take proper care of your pet, you will need to send them to the hospital.

Part three is the competition between players.

You can outdo other players in an ecosystem of casual games to earn in-game tokens or NFT drops “No loss” prize pools. Users receive gems which entitles them to a probabilistic chance of claiming the prize pools The twist is that even if you don’t win, you are continually enrolled into the next draw. The competition will range from Pet beauty contest to a mini game competition.

Part four is the community centre for players to interact with each other. You can test play one of our mini game demo demo (only works on PC / Mac PC)

Our Full Gameplay design is available here.

Our full road map is in the link.


Q1 — What makes you feel confident about your survival and success in the near future? What competitive advantages do #ShibaFriend platform have that you feel most confident in?

Phương liberty:

Today, the majority of the games in the crypto space are fighting games, violent gaming, and competitive gaming. We want to design a family-oriented, fun, entertaining gaming for casual people on the street, where their daily gameplay is candy crush, puzzles, adventure gaming. Google Plays shows 49% of mobile gamers are female gamers. 😂

Q2 — “ Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

I will answer this. Our business model depends on: the more tokens we have, the more players can earn money. We do not burn our tokens, because this will make the cost of playing the game become expensive. We want to keep the gameplay to be affordable to the mass market. The token price will go up as more and more players join Shibafriend as the demand goes up.

Q3 — Renting a nft seems a new concept. Can you please explain to us what exactly it is?

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

We have limited buildings in every city. When the building is fully sold out, players will need to have a building to raise and care for their pet. Building owners can rent their buildings to players.

Q4 — Nobody can guarantee the security of a smart contract. But how secure is your contract? Is your contract address audited?

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:

Yes it is audited by 3rd party Tech-Audit auditors and passed all the audit.

The audit report is publicly available in their Github.

Q5 — After checking the website, ShibaFriend vision & Mission is good. But it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What is your marketing strategy to increase the validity of your project brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project?

Phương liberty:

This will be headed by our CMO, Jay who has over 20 years of dedicated experience. A marketing professional with demonstrated leadership skills aimed at achieving goals. The marketing has been planned to roll out in stages, including different partnerships that have been waiting to be on board. You will be seeing more partner logos added to our website soon.

More News and media will be out too.

This is where you can follow our game featured by the news website, AMA. We want our platform to be all-inclusive. We will set a small % of NFT drop and SHF drop in the game to encourage free-to-play users. We will introduce a scholarship function in our dApp where investors can match with players who cannot afford to play in the game.


Q-1)Where can I buy your tokens now? What are your current contract addresses and what are the benefits?

Phương liberty:

We are scheduling our IDO with a few launchpads for January token presales. You can follow us on our social media for updates.

Q-2)Hi sir,

SERIOUS ISSUES with RUG PULLS from TOKENS are seen lately. How SECURE are our FUNDS with you?


Phương liberty:

Hi Hajong Lara. We are kyced by launchpad Our documents and our videos will be released to the public by the launchpad for anyone that rugpull. Every launchpad will do KYC of the founders to ensure the founders and project are legit. We will share the info in our social media about our KYC after this AMA.

Q-3)How many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, within a short/long time of release. Is it like this? If not, can you tell us what makes it different from other projects?

Alan Yeap Shibafriend:I was actively involved in mobile games from 2012 to 2017. I still have mobile games in the playstore. We created a workable demo mini-game that will be part of our ecosystem within 5 days.

In Q1 of 2022, we will release our first full mini-games for players to start Play to EARN.

Q-4)Can you explain your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens will be minted ? And how many tokens will be locked by the team?

Phương liberty:

Currently our token is 43% locked. 10% founders locked, 33% play-to-earn locked. And we have 30% team vesting locked. The details of locking are in here.

Q-5)Does your project support staking programs? if yes. How does your stake system work? What is the requirement for users, if they want to stake in your platform?

Phương liberty:

Yes. We support NFT Staking and Token Staking. We are going to release the NFT staking and Token staking this month.

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