”Aarrgh! I have invested so much time and effort in my game characters and items; can Shibafriend let me reuse my Shiba character in a different game?”

As numerous gamers have noticed, old games can come back to life, like the original Half-Life that has been remade by the community rather than by its developer years after the developer has long ignored it.

Up-until-recently, gamers cannot reuse their game characters, characters’ levels, or items that they have spent years building. However, the nascent NFT technology is changing all this.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology in NFT gaming allows player items to be securely and uniquely identified using the magic of blockchain technology. As a result, the items can now be traded securely anywhere without doubts of their ownership and legitimacy.

With NFTs, all sorts of metadata of the items will already be coded into the items and stored on the blockchain, and this creates an absolute trust of its uniqueness, which in turn, will only make it easy to create a free market economy for the game. We all know that when you have an economy that is running well, you make money, and if people make money, more and more people will join in, and as such, this will only grow and grow.

That is why, with NFT gaming, players can own the game items long after the game has been left to rot because its decentralized nature allows a game’s assets to be exchanged at other crypto marketplaces and game platforms.

Shibafriend Metaverse consists of 10 different gameplay. The players can fulfill their dream by having their Shibafriend NFT Pet go to 10 different gameplay in the metaverse. Get our game from https://shibafriend.io and start playing to understand how NFT works. There is absolutely no time to waste.

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Shibafriend NFT Sport Metaverse is a sport metaverse consisting of Shiba Inu and football games with REAL Top Football Clubs!

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Shibafriend NFT Sport Metaverse is a sport metaverse consisting of Shiba Inu and football games with REAL Top Football Clubs!

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